Let's Talk about Social Determinants of Health

Let’s talk Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). How I like to explain SDOH is by explaining that these are all things in our social life that affect or DETERMINE our health outcomes. Addressing each social determinant of health is important for improving health and reducing longstanding disparities in health and health care.I love this graphic from the Kaiser Foundation. I love visuals!
It’s crazy that how each one of these determinants have been impacted by COVID-19. Think about it...

•Economic stability has been shattered for millions of people across the country. Job loss is astronomical right now due to COVID.
•Food Systems have been impacted greatly as well. Many farmers and migrant workers that we rely on to provide us with fresh food have been impacted by COVID, thus negatively effecting the food chain.
•Education of course has been impacted because schools have been closed. Low income families and people of color are greatly affected. This also impacts food security. According to No Kid Hungry, 22 million children in the US rely on free or reduces lunch at school. I shutter thinking about the hungry kids that went without a meal or two since schools shutdown.

These are just a few examples to show you that without a strong public health funding and infrastructure, every aspect of our lives can be disrupted. Without healthy communities you don’t have healthy workers, families, students etc.
What other SDOH have been impacted by COVID-19? Share in the comments below. 

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