Top 10 Ways To Save Money While You Shop

 1. The most important tip I can share is to BUDGET for shopping. Give yourself a certain amount to shop with that you can spend on clothes, shoes etc. and stick to it! I have been using tips from Dave Ramsey on budgeting and saving. 
2. Sign up for promotional emails from your favorite stores. They will typically send out coupon codes and let you know about sales. I always check said emails for promotions, deals and coupons and use any codes available.
3. If I don’t see any in my emails then I Google it! I literally do a quick google search before buying anything online. 
4. This may sound weird but check social media before making an online purchase. I have saved a lot of money looking at the social media pages of my favorite stores.
They will often have coupon codes there posted for their followers to take advantage of.
5. Sign up for any rewards programs at any place you love to shop, that includes restaurants! I have the Red Card at Target (the one that just links to my debit card) and I use Target Circle (used to be Cartwheel)  each time I'm shopping at Target. I basically live at Target! 
6. Sign up for Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates). This site gives you money back every time you shop from a store on their list, and the list is pretty expansive. You can even enable a little alert button on your computer to pop up whenever you shop at the stores on their list and you get a percentage back! 
7. I recommend signing up for Acorns as well which micro invests your own money every time you shop anywhere. You just have to link your card to the app. I have saved over $700 already and you can also have a set amount of money invested for you!
8. Bargain shop! Almost everything I wear I don’t pay full price for it because I shop at either Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Target. I barely go to the mall to shop for anything.
9. Check out your local thrift stores!! You can find some amazing hidden gems there.
10. Shop small! I love shopping on Etsy especially for certain items that I know I can't find at the store or malls, plus I know that I'm supporting small business owners when I shop on the site :)
What are some ways you save money for shopping? Comment below!!

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