Quarantine and Chill: 5 Tips for Beating Boredom and Anxiety

Hi everyone!! 

So I can’t be the only one wishing we could do a hard reset on 2020 right. It’s only April and it feels like the longest year ever already. Not to fret, even though things seems crazy and uncertain, we can help ourselves get through this. We got this!

 Many of us are struggling with the psychological effects of self isolation due to COVID 19, or you might simply be bored. Quick confession, I suffer from generalized anxiety and I find myself easily spiraling down a whole of negative thoughts at times. Here are a few random activities that I have done to help pass the time and keep my mind off of the news.

1. Unplug: Take social media and news breaks  

I know we all love staying connected to the world and getting a play by play of news events but sometimes that can be overwhelming. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and even scrolling on there for ten mins is too much at times.  Unplugging for a while can be a refreshing way to reset and get away from negativity. They say out of sight out of mind!

2. Video chat with loved ones

I never would have thought that in 2020 we would be resorted to “virtual happy hours” and evening virtual birthday parties but here we are! So during this self isolation period I have been seeing folks get really creative, so I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to host a virtual happy hour. I know there are several ways to do this such as Zoom, Google Hangout or FaceTime but I used FaceTime since most people preferred that. Connected with people if now easier than ever and video chatting with friends and family can bring some joy and sense of normalcy to your world. 

3. Create a fun music playlist

Honestly I have not only used this time to binge watch my favorite shows (and binge on snacks), but I also used this time to complete random fun projects. I have been meaning to add more songs to certain playlists I have or create new ones. I have a High School playlist, one that has all the hits that were popular when I was in college, a workout playlist and more. Want to create a cooking playlist to play while you cook? do it! All you need is a streaming service. 

4. Create a vision board

2020 is looking crazy but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have goals and visions. Got any old magazines lying around? Use those to cut out images to make into a vision board. I’m still adding that Mercedes SUV to mine! This is also a good way to thinking ahead and envisioning your bright future. This could include long term or short term

5. Treat yourself to a mini spa day
When I want to feel pampered I love doing face masks. Honestly, it feels relaxing and I’m killing those naughty blackheads on my face at the same time! Talk about multi tasking😀. My favorite mask to use is Aztec healing clay mask. I bought a container from Amazon, but you can also purchase at Target. I add Apple cider vinegar to the clay, mix with a wooden spoon and apply the clay mixture to my face.  Just stay away from peel off masks! I leave on for about ten minutes and my skin feels so soft afterwards! There are some pretty awesome pre made face masks that I get from Sephora and Target as well. Give your skin a treat! 🧖‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️ 

Feel free to leave a comment on more tips that you have tried below! 






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